Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chingay 2013 Appreciation Nite

Taichi Contingent Members

Taichi Contingent won the Best Perfomance Group (more than 300 contingent)
The Chingay 2013 Appreciation Nite put an end to the Chingay 2013.
The success of Chingay is made up of many of faces, be it performers, volunteers, helpers, photographers, all people behind or in front of scene, all of them put in their heart and soul, work towards a common goal - achieving a spectacular parade that is the pride of Singaporean, and we made it on 22nd and 23rd Feb 13.
Tonite we are here again at Sentosa Wave House celebrating the success.
This year, Taichi Contingent won the Best Performance Group for contingent more than 300, being part of the participants and the organizing committee, I feel proud of the contingent and everyone who took part in the performance, we went throught weal and woe and bonded like a big family, the success belongs to everyone.
Taichi Sword performance in water

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