Sunday, 3 March 2013

Capital 958 城市频道 -interview 

今天我很开心,有机会可以去电视台探访958城市频道的播音室。城市频道星期天傍晚的节目‘三人行’,由邱胜杨和徐惠敏主持,今天访谈的标题是妆艺2013的参与感和后遗症。跟我一起接受访问的还有书法家严崇涨先生和参加 zumba 的 Amanda.

徐惠敏,严崇涨,Gladys,邱胜杨, Amanda

 This is my first time visiting the broadcasting studio of Capital 958FM, I was delighted to have the opportunity to be interviewed on the Chingay experiences and the withdrawal syndrome. Although Chingay completed a week ago but the affection is deeply resounding among the participants, peoples are emotionally bonded after months of training, travelling, sharing together, a sudden break cause a emotional loss, and thats the after effect of Chingay - withrawal syndrome.

Listen to the recorded sound track of the interview, 访问录音:
Part 1 : Interview part 1
Part 2 : Interview part 2
Part 3: Interview part 3

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