Sunday, 25 November 2012

Charity Sales At Thian Leng Old Folks Home - 25th Nov 2012

10 volunteers from our taiji team engaged themself with a stall sellng variety of foods  to raise fund for the old folks home.

10 volunteers from YCKCC taiji

support from Mr Kian - our senior trainer

GOH Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

Friday, 23 November 2012

Support For Voluntary Work

Hi, Guys, 3 upcoming Voluntary  works need your full supports  :

1) Charity Sales at Thian Leng Old Folks Home 天灵老人院 - 美食义卖会
     Venue: 115 Telok Kurau Lor G
     Date : 25th Nov 2012, Sunday , 10am to 4.00pm
     Pls contact Amanda 96839899 if you like to help out in the stall, donate your own cook food or 
    any donation in monetary form

2)  Voluntary taichi session for underprivileged elderly for CITYCARE  义务太极班

Venue: Basketball Court near Block 8 North Bridge Road, Level 1 (PEACE Connect Neighbourhood Link)
Date: 10 Dec 2012, Monday
Time: 7am – 8 am
Participants: 60 Elderly, 30 Volunteers
I need a few helpers and facilitator to help out as the crowd is big with elderly which need extra care. I will conduct a session of Taichi For Helath and sharing on  some special care and measurements to take note during the voluntay session


3) Seated Taichi  for AMK THK Hospital 太和观医院-坐式太极

Venue: Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
Date : 7 Dec 2012,  Every Friday 每个星期五
Time : 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Participants : 20 wheel chair bound patients
I need a few helpers and facilitator to help out as the group  need very special care and very different 
teaching method.
A session of Seated Taichi will be conducted for volunteers to share on the forms, some special care and measurements 

Pls contact me if you find the time and location is convenience for you.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chingay media Conference 14th Nov 2012

 A sneak preview of the opening segment  of Chingay 2013 was held at Nan Hua Primary School, 14th Nov 2012
A report on The straits Times

The opening segment in Chingay 2013 will involve audience members displaying 10,000 calligraphy pieces, 5000 performers, the largest number for a Chingay opening to date, Taiji Sword is one of the programme.妆艺2013节目亮点是在开幕礼上,表演者以耍太极剑,挥毫,诗篇朗诵等具中华文化色彩的表演形式,体现“正气”情怀。表演人数,将创下历来最高记录,多达5000人。《正气歌》正气磅礴,希望借此激励人民坚韧不拔,克服万难。

看看这八位来自YCKCC的帅哥美女,当然还有Vannie 老师和素香老师的学员,我们24人为了这个记者招待会勤练了整个星期。由于时间紧迫,三组人必须集体练习,培养默契,为此我们尽量配合彼此的时间一起练习, 研究问题,希望做的最好。

ChingayMediaConferenceNovember142012  photo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Video on inspiring story from our taiji community - 4th Nov 2012

Today, a video is taken on YCKCC taichi interest group, focusing on the private estate participants, which through learning taiji together, their get to know that they come from the same estate, they are  neighbour.

Lentor Estate is a big private housing estate, a few of them staying streets away, but get to know each other and become friends after learning taichi from the same CC. Friendship are forged through various taiji activities, one that really bond each other together was the Chingay 2012 Taichi Gongfufan, participants gone through all the thick and thin together and getting closer after multiple rehearsals.

Maxine will share her story how she integrated into the taiji community and befriend with the group. She invited the classmate to her house to savour her signature dishes.
The video session end with the visit to Maxine's house, her husband shaing with us his unique hobby, handcrafted pens, bottle stoppers, key chain etc.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

1st Chingay 2013 Sword Rehearsal - 3rd Nov 12

Here come the our first Chingay 2013 Sword Rehearsal.
After attending 3 training workshops, 31 trainers from 38 RC and CC and their students, altogether around 450 people gather tonight at PA HQ field, ready for our rehersal together.
Yio Chu Kang CC team together with Andrew & Nora from Sennet Estate
Unfortunely, the rain has ruined our programme, wasted the whole effort of marking the field for the formation of teams.
Committee members and helpers are marking the floor


In order to carry out our plan accordingly, all the teams were wearing poncho to practice in the rain, for the camera man to video recording for further audition.
First time experience, not so comfortable but fun.
Mission completed!!