Friday, 31 August 2012

Teaches Day celebration - YCK Fri Am Class

YCK Friday AM class secretly organised  a celebration, a cool and meaningful card drawn by Mona's daughter, Chese cake and durian puff prepared by Mr Cheah and some other food brought by the classmate, simple yet full with tender and care of everyone. Thanks all for everything done.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Teachers Day Celebration - YCK Thur AM class

一年一度的教师节又来临了,每年到这个时候,学生们都不会忘了庆祝。虽然是简简单单的食物和卡片, 却是同学的一番心意。Cecillia带来拿手‘菜头糕’,让大家垂涎三尺。
还是那句老话,身为太极教练,我最大的希望就是大家都能从学习太极拳锻炼身心, 健康幸福。

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moonfest Taiji Nite 2012 龙腾中秋太极联欢晚会

Mooncake festival is approaching. We have a special celebration program this year and would appreciate your attendance at 2012 Mooncake Festival at YCKCC on 01 October 2012.

This is an excellent opportunity for all students from the various classes to mingle and get to know one another, and also to foster and enhance cooperation and camaraderie spirit.
We would appreciate your presence by 7.30 pm at the Hall.
Only light refreshments and finger food will be available.
We would like to thank those who contribute the drinks and food for their generosity.
We would also like to express our heartiest appreciation to those who will be performing that evening.
Will the representatives of each performing group please submit your item by  1 Sept 2012 to Organizing Team Leader Mr TJ Tan  ( or Ms Amanda (96839899)with the following details for planning the sequence of appearance :
1Name of Class, e.g. Wednesday 48, YCK
2Name of Item
3Duration of Item
4Approximate numbers of performers
Please note that the performance will be on the ground. Thank you and have an enjoyable evening.
一转眼,一年一度的中秋节即将来临。今年的中秋节庆祝活动腾中太极联欢晚会”定于十月一日,星期一,晚上730pm杨厝港民众俱乐部礼堂举行。借此机会,我们邀请各班级呈现一个新颖的太极项目,节目必须富想象力,创新及娱乐性,目的是让来自各班级的学打成一片, 促进了解,合作加强友爱精神。晚会将有饮料小食等。在此,我们感谢饮料食物赞助者及表演项目的学
请各表演项目的代表1/9/12之前,将项目细节提交给 Ms Amanda / Mr TJ Tan.
1.      班名- 例如  星期三48式, YCK
2.      项目名称
3.      表演时限
4.      表演人数

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Teacher Day Celebration @ Mapplewood Park

Mapplewood Park Taiji Group organised a Pot-luck Makan Session to celebrate Teachers' day, all the signature, delicious and healthy food prepared with loving hearts. Beside savouring the good food, everyone is also busy in asking the secret recipe, like how to make crispy preserved green chili, how to make the tasteful yam cake..... Cooking skill is like taiji practise, practice make perfect, all these good food are the fruit of experiences accumulated throughout the years, with understanding, innovative, learn from trial and mistakes, do not give up and success is ahead, that is the spirit of learning taiji too.

More photo, pls link TeachersDayMapplewoodPark

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Malacca Trip

7th to 10th Aug 2012 - We stayed at Ocean Palm Condomunium which located at Tg Kling. The apartment with 3 bedroom is spacy and cosy with  beautiful sea view. The condo has good security and facilities for us to enjoy.

My daily activities is morning taichi by the seaside, breakfast in the apartment and headed to city tour near to the noon. Night swim is wonderful and the night sky with glittering stars is a nice view we missed in the city. Sun rise and sunset view is very attractive too.
Nearby Fishing  port
night view of  Johnker Walk
Our first destination is Johnker Walk which we really combed all the street, day view and night view too, then the historical and heritage points along the Malacca River. 
 We really enjoy the good food at Malacca especially Nyonya food and chicken rice ball, Chendol is a must dessert that I still rememeber the sweetness of gula malaka.
I took a few memorable good photo along the beautiful beach with the good photo skill of my daughter.
I took the opportunity to train two new beginners, not bad, right!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Taiji Retreat At Pasir Ris

4 Aug 2012, Saturday
We have a wonderful, enjoyable and memorable time for our Pasir Ris Retreat, thanks for all the preparation, contribution and support from all the participants.

Pls enjoy all the nice photo : PasirRisRetreat
morning taiji practice
Sharing and discussion session

Afternoon Practice Session
BBQ time

makan time
Star Singers
Mahjong King & Queen
Birthday celebration