Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Year End Celebration

31 Dec 2011, Saturday - the last day of the year. Mr Lee suggested a gathering to celebrate the last day of 2011 after our morning taiji lesson & practice. We gathered at coffee shop with cake brought by TJ Tan, without candle but a straw to represent, wishing everyone have a blessed year 2012 with good health and prosperity

A straw to represent candle

Another celebration at Toa Payoh Park Class, variety of foods brought by the class, fun & memorable moment 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Performance for Old Folks Lunch

18 Dec 2011 - 年关将近,弥勒老人会筹备了一个1500人的素午宴, 宴请孤苦伶仃的老人。 我们有幸参与, 呈献了三项太极节目,娱乐老人,也算是回馈社会。

Annie, Patricia, Grace & Siew Wah 呈献保健太极18式,他们可都是新手,表演得非常整齐

JB Tan & Joanne 呈献32式太极剑,第一次搭配

Mr Lee, xiao juan, Sharon & Linda 呈献太极功夫扇,也是新手, 大挑战

Monday, 12 December 2011

Gala Display Cum Dinner 名家表演,晚宴

12 Dec 2011 at Chong Pang CC - A dinner where famous taiji and wushu master from China,  Hongkong and Malaysia was invited to perform various taiji form, it is eye-opener for a lot of us.
其中名家有“四大金刚”之一的王西安大师,以龙形太极拳闻名的李新华大师,禅密功第四代传人陆长青大师, ”太极女侠“李利清老师,马来西亚的杨贵渊师傅,新加坡的朱景秀老师,白容炎老师及许晋阁老师等等

3rd Chingay Gongfufan Rehearsal at F1 Pit Building

The third rehearsal at the Chingay venue, tough but yet intesting

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hoover Park Year End Residents Gathering

Hoover Park NC organised a year end party cum launch of NC Web Portal for the residents with variety programme, we were invited to perform Chingay Taichi Gongfufan.

Have our fans autograph by Mr Yam Ah Mee

Group photo

Group photo

2nd International Wushu Competition 2011, Spore

This is the second competition we took part for year 2011 and this time, under the name of Yuhua Wushu Pei Xun Zhong Xin, we participated in a few events, and fortunately, we won another Silver trophy for the group weapon catagory.
1st  runner-up for Gongfufan group competition
 for individual events, Joanne won gold medal for both Sun 72 competition Routine and 32 sword and Roland won silver medal for Sun 73 Competition routine. 

I just received a congradulation call from the organization that Yuhua Wushu won the Overall Group 2nd Runner-up in the K Shanmugam Cup, Hurray, we made it again

28 of us combined from both school of Vannie and Gladys, we performed chingay gongfufan for the opening of the competition
All the gongfufan performers