Saturday, 24 September 2011

Makan Gathering at Sakura Restaurant

24 Sept 2011, An enjoayble Makan gathering at Sakura International Buffer Restaurant, organised by the sportive Wed evening class member, TJ Tan, CS Lee, John Lim,  Linda Chan, Siew Yin, Sharon, Lee Hock Hai, YP Wong and Winnie, Doris Tang, Poh San, CS Koh & wife. A teachers day appreciation dinner  for the hardwork of Gladys, assistants Amanda, Agnes and Mischelle for the pass one year, which enable the class to complete the SKF 18 routine and Simplified 24 routine.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Taichi Rhythmball try-out

Taichi Rhythmball trainer Ah Bee dropped by on Wed to collect Taichi Nite photo and DVD, knowing she is specializes in rhythmball, I grabbed at the opportunity inviting her to share with the class various skill of rhythmball and the class happily tossed and turned the ball, enjoyed very much the trying out session.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎 A Friend From Australia

Paul Cheah (grey shirt)
Paul Cheah from Aurstralia visited our Wed taiji class and have an enjoyable practice with the class. Being an experienced taiji practitioner and gold medal winner for 40 Yang Competition Routine and silver medal for 42 sword competition routine in the recent taiji competition at Sydney, he share with the class the objective of joining a competition. The end result is not important but the journey towards it that make you learn, refine, experience and growth. Pual Cheah 来自澳洲,是PT Cheah 的哥哥, 来到杨厝港民众俱乐部和星期三的同学一起打太极。他很喜欢太极,也在最近悉尼的一个太极比赛荣获杨式竞赛套路金牌和42式太极剑竞赛套路银牌,借此机会,他鼓励同学们去体验参加比赛的的经验,从过程中吸取宝贵的经验,培养毅力和耐力,提升太极技巧和锻炼勇气。

Monday, 12 September 2011

YCKCC Taiji Moonfest Nite

SKF 18 form by Wed 7.30pm taiji class
Today, the 15th day of Lunar Eight Month, is the Mid-Autumn Festival when people celebrate good harvest in the olden time. The round and full moon symbolizes reunion, so Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the festival of reunion. Joyous family reunion and gathering with loved ones on this special day.
110 Taiji people in YCKCC gather to celebrate this special day too, dinner together, chit-chat, various form of taiji perform by different classes, fun and exciting game time, riddle time and finally event concluded with Lucky draw. My gratitude to all that help to make the event a success.
八月十五中秋节,在这个花好月圆人团员的开心夜,太极俱乐部的110 太极爱好者,不忘了在今天聚集在一起,开心的吃晚餐,闲聊与交流,呈现刚学完的套路,集体玩游戏,猜灯谜, 最后以幸运抽奖完结整晚的节目。在此,也不忘了感谢和我一起筹备这个节目的团友,大家的努力,为这个开心的晚上画上了完美的句点。
Pls link to YCKCCMoonfestTaijiNiteSeptember122011for more photo

32 sword by Sun morning class

Simplified 24 taiji by Fri 7.30pm class                      

Chingay Gongfu fan by Mon 7.30pm class

Sun 73 by Mon 8.30pm class

Enjoying the game
Fun and exciting game
Savour traditional food for Mid Autumn: moon cake, yam, pomelos, black buffalo horns chestnuts etc
Solving the Chinese Riddles       

Lucky Beauty in the Lucky Draw Time

Saturday, 10 September 2011

YCKCC Mid Autumn Celebration performance

灿烂的灯饰,热闹的 歌台, 传统小食,传统婚礼展览,各种多元文化表演等等, 杨厝港民众俱乐部举办了一个很别开生面的中秋庆祝会,吸引了人山人海的各种族居民,济济一堂,过了一个温馨和谐的夜晚。 太极俱乐部呈现了太极剑,太极刀和妆艺工夫扇的表演。
The whole community club was decorated with glamourous and splendid lighting, excited song and dance from getai attracted large crowd even under the drizzle, multi-racial performance, traditional wedding ceremony exhibition and childhood snacks stall, this grand mid-autumn celebration was organised by Yio Chu Kang CC and our Taiji Club was invited to performance various taiji performance too


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Performance - AMK Hub 4th anniversary

3 Sept 2011    
32 Sword performed by Seng Long and Ai Lin

73 Sun Style performed by Gladys and Joanne

Gongfu Fan performed by Chee Ming, JB Tan, Seng Long, Adeline, Lilian & Shwu Meei    
4th Sept 2011

42 competition routine by Gladys, Ai Lin & Joanne

Gongfu Fan by JB Tan, Ghek Song, Seng Long, Adeline, Amanda & Shwu Meei

36 style Sabre by Vannie and Gladys

Friday, 2 September 2011

Teacher's Day Celebration

Friday 9am class
delicious cake n home-cook food, a thank you card preapred by Friday 9am class 


Great surprise, delicious cake, good home-cook food, gifts, thank you card, all the deligent preparation and planning secretly behind me to give me a surprise on the teachers day.  My big thank you to all of you for giving me such a wonderful and memorable day
又是教师节,很感谢学员们每年都没忘了这个节日,总会神神秘秘的安排庆祝会,给我一个惊喜。除了可口的食物及蛋糕,感谢卡,礼物, 重要的是同学们的用心安排,策划,交流等等,邀请别个班的同学也能一起出席,体现了团体精神。
Friday 10am class with a token of their appreciation

Another celebration party prepared by the evening classes

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gong Fu Fan

Gong Fu Fan  Part 1 (Back)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 1 (Front)
               Gong Fu Fan  Part 2 (Back)                       

    Gong Fu Fan  Part 2 (Front)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 3 (Back)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 3 (Front)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 4 (Back)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 4 (Front)
    Gong Fu Fan  Part 5 (Front)