Sunday, 31 July 2011

Instructor Workshop for Taichi For Arthritis

The 2 days Taichi For Arthritis Workshop aims to train passionate and competent instructor to learn how to teach this program to people with or without arthritis, as well as  to improve and refine their taichi skill and knowledge. At the end of the workshop, they understand better how taichi work for arthritis, learnt to teach program safely and effective teaching method and how to set up classess.
5 of my advanced taichi student who has 2 to 3 years experience was selected to attend the course hoping that after the course, they are able helping to spread the programe, help more people to improve their health and quality of life.
Practical session with Prof Lau Tang Ching 
Mr greatest appreciation to Prof Lau Tang Ching for the mentor and guidance during the workshop.
Ice-breaking - vivid introduction
Focus on discussion 
Nice and Flow movement
congratulation on the graduation

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Taichi Nite @ Yio Chu Kang CC - 30th July 2011

After months of preparation, The Taichi Nite accomplished successfully. With the great support & performance from various CC and master that the event presents with diversity of Chen(陈), Yang(杨), Wu(吴),Wu(武),Sun(孙),养生功, taichi rhythmball, mulan quan(木兰拳),sword, 佛尘, broadsword, fan, sabre, taiji beads(太极珠)  and push hand.
For more photo, pls link to:

Yio Chu Kang Zone 4 RC - Daoyin Regimen
Yuhua Wushu Training Centre - Chen Style Old Form
Kolam Ayer CC - Wu Style taijiquan & sword
Bukit Batok Zone 6 RC - Wu style push hand & double sword
Bukit Gombak Guilin RC - Yang style 56 sword, taiji beads

Mulan Quan Wushu Association - mulan quan & Fo Chen
Tiancai Taijiquan Training Centre - Chen style push hand
Master Li Wen Fu & Zeng Qing Fu - Huashan  sword  
Master Wang Jin Cai - Chen Style Taiji New Form  
Broadswrod by Master Lin Dao Ji & Chen Pei Lan
Not forgetting the hardwork from the 50 performer from Yio Chu Kang CC, they have been training hard for 3 months, to most of them, this is the first time to perform on stage and they came through with flying colour.  YCKCC presented beginners joint performance which consists of Taichi For Arthritis, Taichi For Osteoporosis, SKF18 & Simplified 24 forms, 32 sword, Sun competition routine and Sabre from Master Vannie and Gladys. Most

group photo after event
32 sword by Ailing, Adeline, Edmund, Low
Sun 73 by Amanda, Joanne, Ailing, Chee Ming & Chen Long
36 style sabre by Master Vannie & Gladys

Sunday, 24 July 2011

PA Trainers' Symposium - Chingay Taichi Gong Fu Fan Performance

 24th July 2011 - PA Trainers' Symposium @ Swissotel The Stamford
 Total 15 of us include Gladys, Vannie, Joanne & Roland, Adeline, Amanda, Ailing, Shwu Meei, Shi Yu, Ghek Song, Chee Ming & Lilian, JB Tan & Poh Choo & Chen Long have been practiced hard for the performance since 2 month ago, 3 times per week, the practice was intensify during rehearsal. All the hardwork and exhausting days win the applause of the audience  

   A strong friendship and team spririt was forged by shared adversity, everyone was helping each other in refining the skill, learning the beats of the music, overcame the difficulties etc, ensure the team is moving steadily along.
A group photo
Breakfast and coffee after a hard morning
A group discussion and review after training

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday Interest Group

Saturday morning self practise

This self-practise group leaded by TJ Tan, nick name 'Ah Boy' gather every Saturday morning, practises their taiji together, discuss and analyse their problem and share their understanding of form with each other. With the one extra practise every week, their taiji improve significantly. One of the Senior approaches them for extra coaching at the end of the session.
After the physical practice, their next destination is chit-chat session at the coffee shop. Explosion of laughter one after another with the jokes share among themself. Fellowship grows and cultivate quietly among these people once a stranger to each other and now companion with the common interest - taiji

breakfast, coffee & taiji talk  in the coffee shop


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Taichi For Arthrits presentation at Psoriasis Society

 A presentation to introduce Taichi For Arthritis to Psoriasis Society, encourage  more peoples to take up this low impact, weight bearing exercise to improve the overall fitness of the body
Gladys demostrate different type of taichi
Q & A time